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Real estate is being tokenized. Property owners can issue blockchain-based tokens, which represent shares in an asset. Investors can buy such tokens and become fractional owners of the underlying asset. They then participate in the asset's appreciation and cash flows. They can likewise, at any time, sell their shares in a secondary market online.

But in a world of millions of tokens. Which are going to be interesting to investors? How will an investor decide in which to invest?

Retail investors have two main criteria:

  • Real-estate is a low-return high-yield investment; it is not used to drive large gains, but instead to diversify risk.
  • Retail investors are also likely to desire liquidity in the short-term. They might need to deal with emergencies or react to changes.

Compare this with the world of equity investing. A breadth of information is available on each stock – from annual reports, to sites like Yahoo Finance, and forums like the Motley Fool. Analogous infrastructure needs to be built for security tokens.

We overcome this problem by ensuring through smart contracts the way the property will be exploited. Investors will be looking for a token linked to one of our locks-smart contract exploitable models. 

Your real estate tokens will become more attractive than others to investors. Mainly because they will have more liquidity as we assure as much as possible the yearly returns- cash flow of the asset. The more attractive a property owner tokens, the more easily are going to be sold. 

Our approach will provide value to the property token by linking an exploitable model defined by smart contracts to the same property.



Directed by Frederic Ballester

Conceptualization Support by Jordi Vericat

Design & Validation by Ferran Pujol

Dev & Prototyping by ​Jean-Pierre Viguer

​Business model advisor Josep Maria Aliaga

Business model advisor Joan Sabate


Start Date, Dec 10, 2018

Conceptualization: Feb 16, 2019

Design & White Paper:  May 17, 2019

Prototype & Validation, Sep 22, 2019

Project Emancipation, Nov 15, 2019


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